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10mm CCT Mini PCB High Density 240led/m SMD2835 CTA Flex led strips

10mm Width Color Adjustable 240led/m SMD2835 Flex led strips

Data sheet:

  Product:   10mm CCT Mini PCB High Density 240led/m SMD2835 CTA Flex led strips
  Item No.:    ADY-2835-240F2-1024 
  LED:    120x SMD2835-3000k + 120x SMD2835-6000k
  View angle:   120°
  IC Chip:   None
  Input voltage:   DC 24V
  Power:   16w/m, can be customized to be the other lower power consumpiton
  Size:   5000x10x1.6(mm), 5m/roll


> 100% Brand New.
> Super bright 5050SMD top LED, high intensity and reliability.
> Continuous length, packed with 5 meter.
> Cuttable every marked along the cutting marks, according to practical requirement.
> Long life span 50,000+ hours
> Flexible ribbon for curving around bends
> Low power consumption
> Completely smooth and even light spread, solving the uneven luminous problem
> Ultra-bright but running at low temperature
> High brightness, low power, long life, easy installation, the production of highly customizable,
> Easy for transporting, decorative effect is brilliant, energy saving, environmental protection. 

> Color temeprature adjustable from 2700K to 6500K. 
> Beam angle:120deg.
> Double layer 2 oz pure copper FPCB.
> 3M double side tape or blue adhesive tape backed for easy installation.
> 3 years warranty.

High density

 Order info:

SN SPN LED/m Voltage PCB Cuttable
1   ADY-2835-120F2-0812 120   12V, 7.2w/m 8mm FPCB 50mm, 6LED/cut
2   ADY-2835-192F2-0524 192   24V, 14w/m 5mm FPCB 62.5mm, 12LED/cut
3   ADY-2835-192F2-0824 192   24V, 14w/m 8mm FPCB 62.5mm, 12LED/cut
4   ADY-2835-240F2-1024 240   24V, 16w/m 10mm FPCB 50mm, 12LED/cut
5   ADY-5050-60F2-1024 60   24V, 12w/m 10mm FPCB 100mm, 6LED/cut
6   ADY-5050-120F2-1024 120   24V, 16w/m 10mm FPCB 50mm, 6LED/cut
7   ADY-5050-120F2-1012 120   12V, 16w/m 10mm FPCB 25mm, 3LED/cut

5m or 10m per roll:

SPN: ADY-2835-192F2-0824, 192led/m SMD2835

Smart dual color temperature dimming light strip, brightness adjustable from 0-100%, color temperature adjustable from 2700K to 6500k:

What is a CCT LED strip?:

Here at ADY, you’ll find a wide range of CCT Tunable LED strip lights, designed with two dedicated white color temperatures which can be blended and individually selected. These strips are perfect for transforming a space. They give you full control so you can change the look of a room depending on your mood.

How does CCT work?
What does correlated color temperature, CCT, mean? Color temperature defines the color appearance of a white LED. CCT is defined in degrees Kelvin; a warm light is around 2700K, moving to neutral white at around 4000K, and to cool white, at 5000K or more.

The flexible two-color LED light band (warm white/daylight) has been specially designed for the variable white color in a single application.

Warm white and daylight LEDs are mounted alternately and can be individually controlled by our controller

Typically, you must install both warm white and daylight LED strips in parallel if you need both colors in the same application or project. This means excessive extension cords and the need for a more powerful power supply. Now you have a smarter and easier choice: LED strips of light give you any desired white color temperature. The color temperature can be set between 3000 K (when all warm white LEDs are lit) and 6500 K (when all daylight LEDs are lit) by blending these two colors.

You save a lot of space, time, and costs compared to installing two white light sets

This dual-color temperature strip is perfect for any area where the color temperature of the lighting needs to be adjusted, including TV/movie lighting, kitchens, base units, handrails, pedestals, recesses, shelves, cabinets, shadow joints, and railings.

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