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3mm Width 5mm Pitch 200Pixels/m Individual Programmable Mini WS2812 Flex Digital LED Tape V2

WS2812-2020-200led/m-0305 V2 video show:

200 Pixels LED Strip WS2812-2020-RGB High Density

WS2812-2020-RGB LED is a small size digital full-color built-in IC SMD, which has one SPI data and can be controlled by most SPI LED Controllers.
200LED/m, 200Pixels/m, DC5V, 20w/m, 3mm width FPCB, IP20, 2m/pcs or according to the contract.

> 3mm width Super Narrow Flexible PCB
> High density, 200led/m, 200pixels/m, individual addressable
> Each LED is cuttable

Because the PCB is too small, we didn’t print the Pin Recognizing letters on the PCB


  Product Name:    3mm Width 5mm Pitch 200Pixels/m Individual Programmable Mini WS2812 Flex Digital LED Tape V2
  Item No.:   ADY-2812-2020-200-0305-V2
  LED Source:    WS2812-SMD2020-RGB, 200led/m, 200pixels/m
  PCB   3mm white FPCB
  IC Chip:   WS2812
  Pins:   3 Wires = 5V+, DATA, GND
  View angle:   170°  
  Voltage & Power:   DC 5V, 20w/m
  Size:   2000x3x2.3(mm), 2m/roll or according to your requirements
  Controller:     SP105e, K-1000C, SD card controller, DMX controller, Ardunio and others, etc…

> Firstly: Individual controlable / addressable / programmble
> Secondly: High density, 200 pixels per meter
> Thirdly: Mini Size, 3 mm white FPCB

WS2812-2020-RGB High Density 200 Pixels LED Strip
200 Pixels LED Strips
WS2812 2020 RGB Mini Size LED

Wiring Diagram:

Refer to: APA102 2020 Customized High Density Programmable Dream Color 125led Rigid LED Strip

Features of the WS2812-2020-RGB LEDs:

The dimension of the LED WS2812-2020-RGB

> TOP SMD internal integrated high-quality external control line serial cascade constant current IC;

> The control circuit and the RGB chip in SMD 2020 components, to form a complete control of pixel, color mixing uniformity, and consistency;

> Built-in data shaping circuit, a pixel signal is received after wave shaping and output waveform distortion will not guarantee a line;

> Gray-level adjusting circuit (256 level grayscale adjustable);

> Red drive special treatment, color balance;

> Plastic forward strengthening technology, the transmission distance between two points over 10M;

> Using a typical data transmission frequency of 800 Kbps, when the refresh rate of 30 frames per sec

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