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LED Strip – Frequently Asked Questions

LED Strip – Frequently Asked Questions


Waterproof grade: We can do different waterproof ways for the LED strips for variable use:

Waterproof grade
IP20: Non-waterproof;
IP54 PU: PU glue on the surface. | IP54 SI: Silicone glue on the surface. | IP54 SP: Spray Silicone Glue on the surface.
IP65 ST: Silicone tube on both sides. | IP65 HT: Heat Shrink tube on both sides. | IP65 Nano: Nano Coating on the surface.
IP67 HI: Hollow Integrated Silicone glue.
IP68 SI: Solid Integrated Silicone glue.

What is the difference between PU and silicone glue?

A) Cold and high temperature resistance
PU(polyurethane) has a good low temperature resistance, but not resistant to high temperature; while silicone glue with good heat resistance and good low temperature resistance.
B) UV resistance
In the presence of UV light, an organic material(Polyurethane) will eventually revert to it’s natural state, thus changing properties and deteriorating over time, an inorganic(silicone) will not.
C) Yellow degeneration
The PU glue has a little yellow degeneration as time goes, while silicone glue has no yellow degeneration.
D) Lifespan
Chemically, the organic material(polyurethane) will bread down when expose to high temperature or UV, so the lifetime is shorter than silicone glue.

What is CCT shifting and how to control it?

All of the color temperature will be shift by any cover in front of the LEDs, different Glue will have different influence on the whole temperature of LED strips, the shifting curve can be referred by detailed.

Can I solder the led strips?

Yes, you can solder wire to any of the copper ports to connect strips together.

Which tape has the strongest stickiness?

Usually, the stickiness ranks as: 3M VHB>Tesa 4965> 3M 300MP.

What is the voltage dropping?

Voltage is always dropping by transmitting of current decided by the transmitting material and the size of material, Copper is the best options to transmit current up till now.

How to decrease the voltage dropping?

a. Increase the thickness of Copper Layer to make the current transmit quicker or bigger to improve the voltage dropping.
b. Using the electric way to boost the voltage at each section or boost the current at each section, we are using constant current Triode and constant current IC to improve the voltage dropping or make the beginning and end of strips at the same brightness output.
c. Recommend the higher voltage input version instead of lower voltage input version. 24VDC LED strips will definitely better than the 12VDC strips at 5 meters run..
> 24VDC 2 Ounce Copper Layer: Beginning of 5 Meters (24VDC)  |  End of 5 Meters (22.3VDC)  | Voltage Dropping Ratio (7%)
> 12VDC 2 Ounce Copper Layer: Beginning of 5 Meters (12VDC)  |  End of 5 Meters (10.4VDC)  |  Voltage Dropping Ratio (13%)
d. Tips on how to reduce voltage dropping in leed strip installation: One is connecting the led strips in parallel, the other one is power the led strips at both sides.

How strong of magnetic strips Sticker?

> The stickiness about the magnetic stirp is about 3.8g/cm2.

Can I print my Logo on the PCB?

> Yes, we can print your logo on the strips and the MOQ is 1050M for one type to print the logo, if the quantities is below 1050M, we will charge 50USD per item for PCB redesigning.

The difference between cheapest led strips and expensive led strip

> Are you buying cheapest the led strip or the most expensive led strips? In the business world, there is a rule you may know. the rule is that the cheapest one is the most expensive things, the most expensive thing is the cheapest one!
Now let us show you the datas on the led strips

The difference between cheapest led strips and expensive led strip

Item Economy LED Strip
Normal LED Strip
Highest quality LED Strip
Evaluation Price US$1.2/m US$2.1/m US$4.5/m
Warranty 1 Year  2 Years 5 Years
Brightness 600-720lm  1080-1200lm  1320-1440lm
Light Decay Grade Very fast Slow  Very slow
Working Life  < 30000 hours  > 50000 hours  > 50000 hours
Price per year US$1.2 @ 1 year US$1.05 @ 1 year US$0.9 @ 1 year
Purchasing times within 5 years 5 times  2 times 1 time
Extra cost Labor cost, Maintenance cost
Installation cost, Time cost
Maintenance cost
Installation cost
Total cost  > US$6/m and extra cost  US$5.25/m and extra cost US$4.5/m
Conclusion The most expensive strip  Normal The cheapest strip

To be conclusion, The cheapest one is the most expensive one, The most expensive one is the cheapest one!