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32led 32Pixels Individual Programmable DMX512 / UCS512C3 RGBW LED Tape

32led 32Pixels Individual Programmable DMX512 / UCS512C3 RGBW LED Tape


Addressable DMX512 Digital LED Strips Series, The characteristics of DMX512 point light source: the output driver adopts patented SPWM technology to support the polarity reversal of the output; the single code-writing signal line can be written in series at one time with the address of the built-in EEPROM storage chip; the signal transmission of Sorber DMX512 full-color point light source adopts parallel scheme, when one of the lights fails, it does not affect the normal work and control of other lights, and ensures the overall project. The integrity of the project results, eliminating the failure of a lamp signal in the serial scheme of conventional LED full-color point light source, and the phenomenon of no light or no procedure in the back of the lamp, reducing maintenance.

Data sheet:

  Product:   32led 32Pixels Individual Programmable DMX512 / UCS512C3 RGBW LED Tape
  Item No.:    WTP-DMX512C3-RGBW-32
  LED:    32led/m, SDM5050-RGBW
  View angle:   120°
  IC Chip:   UCS512C3
  Input voltage:   5V
  Power:   9.6w/m
  Size:   5000 x 12 x 2.2 (mm)


1) Addressable DMX512 Digital LED Strips; Long life span 50,000+ hours;
2) Super bright 5050 SMD top LED, high intensity and reliability;
3) Absolutely addressable,
4) Breakpoint continue.


> Widely used for home decoration use, hotels, clubs, shopping malls
> Architectural decorative lighting, boutique atmosphere lighting
> Extensively applied in background lighting, concealed lighting, channel letter lighting
> Emergency & security lighting, advertisement sign lighting
> Decorative lights for holiday, event, show exhibition
> Applicable for automobile and bicycle decoration, border or contour lighting


1) Do not use any acidic, alkaline adhesive fixing Product;
2) It is prohibited to make products with a hard object collision, friction;
3) Do not use your fingers to press LED;
4) Don’t make positive and negative reversed;
5) Don’t install when product is working;
6) Installation, repair and maintenance must be made by professional Person;
7) Before you use them make sure the power supply voltage to meet the requirements and wire connection correctly.

Order Info:

SN Model Number LED
Power Packing
1  WTP-512C3-RGBW-32D-5V 32led/m 32Pixel/m 12mm 5V 9.6w/m 5m/roll
2  WTP-512C3-RGBW-60D-24V 60led/m 10Pixel/m 15mm 24V 14.4w/m 5m/roll
3  WTP-512C3-RGB-36D-24V 36led/m 36Pixel/m 12mm 24V 15.6w/m 5m/roll
4  WTP-512C3-RGB-60D-24V 60led/m 10Pixel/m 12mm 24V 14.4w/m 5m/roll

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