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Full Spectrum RA97+ High-CRI 120led/m SMD2835 Flexible LED Strips

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2835 120 Leds/M 5mm PCB Warm White LED Strip
RA98 High CRI 120led/m SMD2835 Flex LED Strip

1 LED 1 Cut Flex LED strips:

  Product:   RA98 Full Spectrum 120led/m SMD2835 Flex LED Strip
  Item No.:    ADY-C120-0824-98xx 
  LED:    120 x SMD2835
  View angle:   120°
  Cut length:   3OZ Thickness 8mm width FPCB, the Min. cut length is 50mm 
  Input voltage:   DC24V
  Power:   12w/m
  Size:   5000x8x1.5(mm), 5m/roll


> 6led/cut, 100% Brand New.
1) High CRI up to 98 
2) High efficiency of 160lm/w (High-efficiency version).
3) High output up to 3000 lm/m (CRI80+ version).
4) Available in 5V, 12V and 24V.
5) Fully dimmable.
6) The width of FPCB is available in 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, and the other width.
7) 50,000-hour lifespan (8 hours/day for 17 years);
8) 3-year warranty.

Spectrum Test Reports of ADY-C120-0824-98xx LED strips:

LED strip Lights Full-spectrum with CRI> 97+ for indoor & outdoor linear lighting solutions.

Photos show: 

3000K, 4000K and 6000K
We make a lot of stock of this item, fast delivery in 2 working days.
Warm white, natual white and cold white
Warm white, natual white and cold white
5 meters per roll
5 meters per roll or 10m/roll
normal color temperature for optional
Normal color temperature for optional: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, 6500K,

You are free to order the following SMD 2835 Flex led strips:

SNModel NumberLED QtyVoltagePowerColorPCBLumenMin. Cut
1ADY-C120-0824-9827120 led/mDC 24V12 w/m2700K8mm1000 lm/m50mm
2ADY-C120-0824-9830120 led/mDC 24V12 w/m3000K8mm1000 lm/m50mm
3ADY-C120-0824-9835120 led/mDC 24V12 w/m3500K8mm1000 lm/m50mm
4ADY-C120-0824-9840120 led/mDC 24V12 w/m4000K8mm1000 lm/m50mm
5ADY-C120-0824-9850120 led/mDC 24V12 w/m5000K8mm1000 lm/m50mm
6ADY-C120-0824-9860120 led/mDC 24V12 w/m6000K8mm1000 lm/m50mm

LED strip Lights Full-spectrum with CRI> 97+ for indoor & outdoor linear lighting solutions.

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About Full-spectrum:

Full-spectrum means the entire spectrum delivered by the sun and also refers to light delivery across the entire visible spectrum of light. LED Glow Lighting: For the purpose of plant growth, the entire range of the light provided by the sun is not utilized. Most plants absorb light across the full visible spectrum.

Light at 550nm is absorbed less than all other colors (by only about 3%!) – This is the reason why most plants appear green to us. Zero light is absorbed above 750nm LED Strip Lights – Full-spectrum LED grow lights deliver a greater quantity of usable photons than products using these “discrete” blue and red LED sources. These discrete LEDs provide output in very specific frequencies, with very narrow bandwidths. As lighting sources become more powerful, especially in LED lighting, the output in these discreet ranges often exceeds the plant’s ability to use these photons, wasting light and power.

Aluminum Profiles for heat dissipation: We have over 1000+ different types of LED aluminum profiles to suit your specific requirements.

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