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Double Rows 150 Pixels/pcs HD107S-2020-RGB Rigid Digita LED Strip Light


HD107s: 26+ kHz PWM (the upgrade of APA107), transmission rate 40MHZ 

Description: Double Rows 150 LEDs/pcs HD107S-2020-RGB Rigid Digita LED Strip Light, 150 Pixel LED Strip, with DATA and CLOCK Seperately, 150led/pcs, 150pixles/pcs, DC5V, 45w/pcs, 12mm black Rigid PCB, IP20, Customized.

Data sheet:

  Product:   High PWM 150 LEDs/pcs HD107S-2020-RGB Rigid Digita LED Strip Light
  Item No.:    ADY-HD107S-2020-150-1205 
  LED:    HD107S-2020-RGB, 150led/pcs
  View angle:   120°
  IC Chip:   HD107S
  Input voltage:   5V
  Power:   45w/pcs
  Size:   500x12x2.0(mm)


> CMOS process,low voltage ,low consumption
> Synchronization of two-lane
> Choose positive output or negative RGB three-color LED output
> 8 bit(256 level) color set ,5bit(32 level) brightness adjustment
> Build-20ma constant current output
> With self-detection signal build in support for continuous oscillation PWM output ,can be maintained static screen


> Widely used for home decoration use, hotels, clubs, shopping malls
> Architectural decorative lighting, boutique atmosphere lighting
> Extensively applied in background lighting, concealed lighting, channel letter lighting
> Emergency & security lighting, advertisement sign lighting
> Decorative lights for holiday, event, show exhibition
> Applicable for automobile and bicycle decoration, border or contour lighting


1) Do not use any acidic, alkaline adhesive fixing Product;
2) It is prohibited to make products with a hard object collision, friction;
3) Do not use your fingers to press LED;
4) Don’t make positive and negative reversed;
5) Don’t install when product is working;
6) Installation, repair and maintenance must be made by professional Person;
7) Before you use them make sure the power supply voltage to meet the requirements and wire connection correctly.

Photos show:

IP20 vs IP65
Individual addressable
one LED one pixel, individual programmable
Customized 2×12 Pins connector

The difference of APA102, HD107S APA107S and SK9822?

APA102: 20+ kHz PWM, transmission rate 20MHZ
APA107: 9 kHz PWM, transmission rate 30MHZ
HD107s: 26+ kHz PWM (the upgrade of APA107), transmission rate 40MHZ 
SK9822: 4.7 kHz PWM, transmission rate 15MHZ
In conclusions, APA107/HD107s  is one real product which can replace APA102.


V+: Power output. Typically 5V but up to 12V supported for LEDs that require it. Required if powering via USB or the onboard power jack. But can be left disconnected if power is connected elsewhere.
GND: Common ground. Even if not using USB or the power jack on the AllPixel for power, this connection is required so that the DATA and CLK pins have a ground reference.
CLK: The clock pin for chipsets that require clocked data. Refer to the table below to know if your chipset requires it.
DATA: The pixel data output pin and required by all chipsets.

Basically, all chipsets will either have 3 or 4 connections. 2 are always for ground and power. If there are 3 total wires, only DATA is required but if there are 4 wires, both DATA and CLK are required.

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