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3020 Neon Tube Digital LED light DC12V 96pixels/m


IP67 Waterproof 3020 Size WS2815 Neon LED Lights, with 96 Pixels LED Strip inside, no light spots visiable, WS2815-5050-RGB, 96led/m, individual addressable, 96pixels/m, 12V, 19.2w/m, 10mm PCB, 5m/roll.

No pixels visible 96led/m 12V one led breaks the rest still work neon led addressable

  Product:   Programmable DC12V 96led/m WS2815 Neon LED light
  NEON tube:   Silicone tube, 3020 Size, 120° Front view
  Pixel IC:   WS2815
  LEDs:   WS2815-5050-RGB, 96 LEDs/meter
  Pixel:   96 pixles/meter
  Waterproof grade:   IP67
  Input Voltage:   DC 12V
  Power:   19.2 w/m
  Length:   5m/roll or according to the order
  Features:  No pixels visible and one led breaks the rest still work

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First of all, WS2815 is a new generation of built-in IC smart LED beads upgraded on the basis of WS2812 and WS2813. Secondly, Its biggest advantage is that the driving voltage is upgraded from ordinary DC5V to DC12V. The voltage drop of the same length of the LED strip is much lower, which brings to the construction of engineering wiring. Lastly, It’s a great LED, and it is good to make LED strips.

Refer to: T1023 IP67 Silicone Tube Waterproof Neon LED Light with UCS1903-60led inside

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